Begging Death, Matt the Socialist Goes to a Trump Rally



Now some people enjoy skydiving or hang-gliding.  Some people like to go deep sea fishing.  Some people even like to walk across ropes that are stretched across the Grand Canyon.  But some people…some people like to push the buttons of unintelligent people.  That’s where I fall in.  Now, the minute I heard The Donald was coming to Buffalo, I about lost it.  How could he have the balls?  We are a town composed of minorities and immigrants.  Not to mention a pretty blue collar town whose jobs get taken away by people like him?  But you betcha, he came.  On the way up to the arena, I was thinking to myself “I wonder who is going to introduce him?”  Devastatingly, it was announced that Rex Ryan would be introducing him.  Word for word my reaction: “you’re shitting me”.


Now when I arrived, I was met by about 450 people selling Trump merchandise.  After nicely telling each and every one of them that I had enough toilet paper, I proceeded to the arena.  Let me tell you: holy. shit.  I never in a million years expected as much hostility from protesters as I did.  They were screaming, throwing stuff, it all.  Every police officer in Western NY was there (or so it seemed).  So, pretty uneventful start thus far, right?  When I get in, I immediately go to the tunnel The Donald will be walking out of so he can get a good view of the bird I was planning on throwing him.  I hear two guys behind me saying how “brown people are the issue” (no I am not kidding) within 30 minutes of taking my seat.

So, here comes The Donald. The crowd obviously goes apeshit due to the King of the Assholes coming to address his peasants.  I flip him off, get a snicker from someone next to me, and sit down.  He goes on and on about the EXACT SAME THINGS HE SAYS ON TV WORD FOR WORD.  He calls Hillary a robot and has said the same 8 things for almost half of a year now.  I sat through most of it, but towards the middle I elected to show everyone the fantastic Bernie Sanders shirt I had underneath and how disappointed all of their mothers should be in them for supporting such a vile piece of trash.  So, how many people do you know that kicked themselves out of a Trump rally?  At least one, I’m Matt.

Brawlin’ in Brooklyn



“Netanyahu is not always right.”  Mic drop from the youthful Senator from Vermont!  Boom, Hilldawg.  That was a Jewish man saying the Israeli aggression is wrong, whatchu gonna say bout it?  Now, I do like Hillary.  Ill definitely be voting for her come the general election based on the way it’s looking.  But Bernie doesn’t necessarily agree with that sentiment.  Immediately in his opening remarks, he pointed out he was on fire of late, winning 8 of the last 9 caucuses and primaries.  Now, although he won the popular vote in those states, the delegate issue was conveniently skipped over by the Senator.


A fun moment from the debate was the Israel exchange as mentioned prior, which I felt as though most liberals would agree with me in saying Sanders came out on top (a strong win in the debate as well).  Yet, that win would not form a pattern for the Senator.  The entire Sanders campaign has been centered on going up against big money.  He continually mentions Secretary Clintons donations from Wall Street insinuating that her decisions are beholden to her donors.  But, when pressed and asked to name a single vote or decision the Secretary made that was influenced, he could not do so.  For someone that structured his entire campaign around a general premise of Clinton’s corruption, his lack of ability to name a specific instance was disappointing to say the least.

Never Her? You Must Be Kidding.



I’ve been hearing this sentiment arising in the Democratic Party that is absolutely petrifying to me.  The fact that Bernie supporters are becoming more and more naïve to the fact that delegates matter.  It sucks.  It might not be fair or just.  But, it is what it is.  The fact of the matter is, that these vocal newfound supporters of Bernie do not understand that a process is in place.  If these processes seem unfair, take it up with your local Democratic Party.  I am almost willing to bet all the tea in China that not a single person saying these ludicrous statements understand what that means or have taken a step to fix the broken process they bitch so adamantly about.


Never her, huh?  I assume you are okay with the ‘temporary’ ban on Muslims The Donald supports?  Or perhaps the door to door search for illegal immigrants?  No, I know, it must the times he makes fun of women or people who have physical disabilities.  That is what you’ll get with your never her campaign.  The fact of the matter is, Bernie Sanders and his agenda is fantastic.  The most I’ve ever agreed with a candidate looking back since I took an interest in politics at a young age.  But, like the delegates I realize the simple fact that America will never elect someone that calls himself a socialist in a general election.  Is that wrong?  In my opinion, yes.  But never her?  I’ll send you a Trump bumper sticker for your car.



Ding Dong, Is the Witch Finally Dead



CRUZ WINS WISCONSIN! Finally!  A state FINALLY proceeded to pull their heads out of their rear ends and say “holy shit, this guy might win”.  The people of Wisconsin sent a message with this.  By not only coming out in droves, but by showing that the not every state in this country is going to deal with Donald Trumps rhetoric.  Wisconsin is a state of hard working people.  They are blue collar and hold a significant amount of moral direction and respect towards others.  What Donald Trump continually has said time and time again clearly rubbed the voters the wrong way.


Now, not to overlook the fact that The Donald had about 36% of the votes.  That is an impressive number for a candidate, or in the least respectable.  But what that number tells me?  That he did not get 64% of the votes.  That means out of ten people 6.5 of them said no way.  They could easily have voted for The Donald and then sided with a Cruz or Kasich come the general election.  But, they didn’t.  The overwhelming majority of REPUBLICANS in that state said no, and that is hopefully the start of a wave.

Why John Kasich Is the Right Wing’s Only Shot


Looking at the Presidential race, the common narrative is “circus” or perhaps even “shitshow”.  On the Democratic Side, there is a Democratic Socialist (who really isn’t even a Democrat) and a lady who even the most bleeding heart liberals don’t always love.  Then, on the Republican side of the game, you have a businessman who is just incredibly entertaining, a Canadian Senator that hates immigrants, and then there is a man named John Kasich.  The commonly forgotten man in the whole election process, he is the Republicans only shot at winning a general election.


Now, the governor from Ohio in almost any other election year would have already been trampled and thrown out of the race.  Yet, this year, with a narcissistic, racist, sexist, lying asshole and a man who infuriates the conservative establishment, Kasich actually has survived!  Now, he is moderate.  That tends to be a good way of becoming a conservative pariah, but not with him.  His modest tone and level headed ideas and approaches have seen him make it quite far.  The true people in the Republican party who see how elections work see the true opportunity he has to be able to compete against whoever the Democrats end up nominating.  As a left wing liberal, I pray every single night that John Kasich can stop doing the impossible, and that is remaining in this race.